Welcome to Brampa's Place

Brampa is the name my grandson gave me before he was old enough to say "Grandpa". Seemed like a good name for a domain.

This page is intended to be the jumping off place for anyone interested in knowing more about the Lawlers of New Hampshire (a twig on the family tree of the Lawlers of southern Maine). I have no real intention to enhance this page. It exists merely to provide links to pages for my kids, grandkids, and myself. As they feel the inclination to create their own page, I'll add a link here. For now, I stand alone.

You will find no Flash, Quicktime, or animated GIFs on my pages. Neither will I ask you for cookies or force you to allow JavaScript or listen to background WAVs that you can't terminate. I tend to believe in simplicity rather than glitz. To paraphrase a well known saying... If it ain't broke, why glitz it?

Ed Lawler


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